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Ticketing and Seating Information

Ticketing and Seating Information

The Pop-up Globe theatre is a round, three-storey building which hosts an audience of up to 900. Wherever you sit or stand in the theatre, you will be no more than 15 metres from the action on stage and surrounded on all sides by people sharing the same space and experience.

An open-air amphitheatre, the Pop-up Globe theatre is partially open to the elements. Only half of the circular yard is covered. Around the yard, in which the 'Groundlings' stand to watch the performance, are three galleries of covered seating.

Ticket options range from standing 'Groundlings' to luxurious private stage-side rooms for six.

Use the seating map to best select the ideal location for you.  


A Reserve - pricing: $165 - on all three levels, with stairs to climb. Covered.
Pop-up Globe’s A Reserve seats offer some of the best views in the theatre. Comfortable backed chairs, mostly located on the middle floor, the A Reserve seating provides spectacular views of the Pop-up Globe stage from just above the action. The main block of A Reserve seats are in the middle gallery seating bays, and in other locations throughout the theatre which offer the best views of the stage, including some in panelled rooms close to the stage.

B Reserve  - pricing:  $125 - on all three levels, with stairs to climb. Covered.

Pop-up Globe’s B Reserve seats are ideal for those looking for an excellent experience at a slightly lower cost than A Reserve. B Reserve seats are backed chairs, mostly located at the rear of the Middle Gallery or at the front of the Upper Gallery. Located throughout the theatre, including some in panelled rooms close to the stage.


C Reserve - pricing:  $ 65 - third level up, two staircases to climb. Covered.

Pop-up Globe’s C Reserve seats offer a bird's eye view of the stage, from their location at the top of the upper gallery. With comfortable backed chairs overlooking the entire building, these seats are a bargain. Get in quick, there are only a small number available and will sell out fast.


D Reserve - pricing:  $55 - first level, only small steps to seats. Covered.

Pop-up Globe’s D Reserve seats are right at the heart of the theatre. Situated on the lower floor, these seats are perfect for those wanting to see everything up close. Bench seating with a cushion for comfort provided, these are a great way to experience the theatre. Please note these benches do not have backs.


E Reserve - pricing: $15 - standing 'Groundlings' area.

Pop-up Globe’s standing E Reserve area, otherwise known as the 'Groundlings', is arguably one of the best spots in the theatre. Standing in the yard right in front of the stage, you cannot get closer to the action!

Just like the yard in Shakespeare’s day, this is an involved and exciting place to watch from, with the actors often directly interacting with the 'Groundlings'. Standing only, and a truly authentic second Globe experience, for just $15, these are a bargain.

Uncovered and open to the elements, with a beautiful view of the sky... The performance will continue regardless of the weather, so bring a raincoat and a close-fitting hat as umbrellas are not permitted in the yard. Groundlings' tickets are available on the door - subject to availability! We recommend buying in advance.


Royal Rooms - Pricing: $299 per seat (purchased as one room of 6 at $1794). Covered Private Room.

These beautiful new private rooms are adjacent to the Pop-up Globe stage, offering a magical and intimate theatre experience. Each Royal Room hosts up to six people. Your ticket includes a bottle of champagne on arrival, a selection of tapas, a cheeseboard and sweet delights, and service direct to your seat.

There are only two Royal Rooms in the theatre. Book now to secure your tickets.

Please note - Pricing is per individual seat, but these rooms must be purchased as a group of 6. Gluten free and vegetarian options will be provided within this package. Service is at set times before and during the performance.

Authors' Rooms - available exclusively to Pop-up Globe Patron members, by invitation. Covered private room.
These new, private rooms for two are situated on and above the stage, and built into the three-storey scenic stage front. There are only six Authors' Rooms in the theatre. Authors' Rooms are available exclusively to Pop-up Globe Patron members by invitation.


Disabled Seating

Wheelchair spaces are available for all performances. These can be booked by emailing boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz, and are located in the lower gallery. Wheelchair bookings are for specifically allocated areas.
For information on disability parking and disability access please click here.
For further advice, specialised services or seating for visually or hearing impaired, please don’t hesitate to contact us at boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz.

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