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The Theatre
Pop-up Globe recreates as accurately as possible the actual performance conditions of second Globe theatre: live music and dance, ferocious fight sequences and direct address. Every show ends with a rousing jig. The house lights remain on during the evening performances, meaning the actors and audience share the same space and experience – the audience is a vital part of the show.
Pop-up Globe reproduces the audience structure of a Jacobean playhouse. If you'd like to be in the thick of the action, you can stand in the yard as a ‘Groundling’.  If you'd prefer a bit more shelter and to rest your feet, you can buy a seat in the lower, middle or upper galleries and get a full view of both actors and fellow audience members. If you want luxury and comfort, you can purchase a seat in one of the rooms above the stage, or for a really unique experience, book one of the two Royal Rooms adjacent to the stage.
Pop-up Globe fuses cutting-edge scaffold technology with 400-year old design. The building is constructed from over 100 tonnes of scaffolding skinned with corrugated iron. It is three storeys high, accommodates an audience of 900, and is topped by a distinctive ‘onion dome’. The 100sqm stage stretches out into the yard and wherever audience members sit or stand they are never further than 15 metres from the stage.
The dimensions of Pop-up Globe are based exactly on groundbreaking research conducted by Pop-up Globe's Founding Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Sydney University, Tim Fitzpatrick, working with his collaborator Mr Russell Emerson.
The spectacular interior of Pop-up Globe is based on extensive research conducted by Dr Miles Gregory and David Lawrence, and realised by Scenic Designer John Charles.

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